Energetic Healing Arts

Suzanne Hunt 
Clairvoyant, Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Minister   

Energetic Healing Arts Spiritual Academy 

Hosted by Althea Center for the Spiritually Engaged in Denver, CO

Class 1 - Healing Meditation

Energize your spiritual path. Reduce stress. Find more clarity, peace and contentment.

Enter a journey of self-discovery.  Learn active, empowering tools to enrich the quality of your life.  Bring healing into your space with this creative energy class. Great for empaths and healers!

  • How to ground and clear the energy body
  • Open and expand your intuition
  • Learn about energetic boundaries and chakra centers
  • Release what doesn’t support and create more of what does
  • Manifest your goals and dreams
  • Connect with your own spiritual guidance
  • Learn to receive and give spiritual healing
  • Expand your horizons with growth inspiring concepts

Class 2 - Healing Meditation - Intuitive Concepts

Builds on the foundation of Class 1 to expand self-awareness and trust for your intuition. Learn structured formats to observe and heal your own energy. Spiritual topics include intuitive decision making, unconscious belief systems, female energy and introduction to energetic agreements in relationship. Class 1 or equivalent training is a prerequisite.

  • Learn intuitive tools and decision making
  • Study energy in the layers in the aura
  • Explore unconscious belief systems
  • Clear energetic cords and whacks
  • Understand spiritual agreements in relationships
  • Balance female creative energy (for everyone)
  • Continue work with spirit guide for healing

Class 3 - Healing Meditation - Relationships

Discover yourself in the spiritual nature of your relationships and agreements. Look at how parental influence, family roles and dynamics of male-female energy impact your sense of self. Create healing in your most important relationships to deepen connections. Class 1 and 2 or equivalent training is a prerequisite.

  • Explore the energetic concept of relationships
  • Create healing in your life with family, partner, friends, mother, father and Spirit
  • Spiritual study of male-female energy
  • Identify energetic agreements 
  • Learn ways to create neutrality for greater self-understanding
  • Open up more ability to receive in relationships
  • Continued work with spirit guide for healing

Class 4 – Healing Meditation - Empowerment

Create more permission with tools to increase your personal power. Clear energy from your space that may limit your capacity for freedom and growth. Spiritual study of competition and ways we tend to invalidate ourselves. Learn to raise the vibration in your home, office or any space. Class 1, 2, and 3 are prerequisite.

  • Activate your personal power
  • Release limitations from the energy body
  • Spiritual study of competition and invalidation
  • Set a healing vibration for any space
  • Create permission for more spiritual freedom
  • Receive healing and guidance from ascended masters
  • Continued work with spirit guide for healing

Class 5 – Healing Meditation - Spiritual Growth

Take spiritual growth to the next level with a deep dive into healing concepts that create more confidence and certainty in your sense of self. Release unconscious programming, control and resistance to achieve the joy you seek in life. Includes a study of forgiveness and compassion as a pathway for personal growth and the Kundalini energy tool. Class 1-4 or equivalent training is a prerequisite.

  • Spiritual study of control and controlling
  • Move through resistance with new energetic tool
  • Discover and clear unconscious programing
  • Release religious control
  • Explore forgiveness and compassion as pathways for personal growth
  • Activate your Kundalini energy for spiritual healing

Class 6 – Healing Meditation - Manifestation

Bring more intuitive awareness into your ability to manifest your dreams with this study into spiritual concepts of creative energy, intention and your relationship with money. Explore concepts of gratitude and your personal ability to receive related to spiritual manifestation. Class 1-5 or equivalent training is a prerequisite.

  • Increase your creative energy
  • Spiritual study of intention and manifestation
  • Energetic inquiry of abundance
  • Examine your relationship with money
  • Increase your ability to receive
  • Explore gratitude as a vehicle for manifestation

Class 7 – Healing Meditation - Spiritual Anatomy

Reset the energetic relationship for your physical body to align with your own truth. Learn techniques and tools to boost mental and intuitive clarity, create more peace and contentment and balance male/female energy in the body. Spiritual studies include advanced Kundalini energy, energy concepts to support the gut and emotions, adrenals and stress, thymus and immune system, thyroid, endocrine glands in the body, chronic pain and inflammation. Class 1-6 or equivalent training is a prerequisite.

  • Explore your relationship with your body and health
  • Learn techniques to heal your nervous system
  • Spiritual study of Kundalini energy
  • Access the glands in the brain for clarity
  • Energetic study of gut and emotions
  • Study of adrenals and stress
  • Study of thymus and immune system
  • Study of thyroid and endocrine
  • Advanced study of male/female energy in the body
  • Inquiry into chronic pain and inflammation

Class 8 – Healing Meditation - Astral Body

Explore your spiritual universe and discover the limitless, timeless and spaceless dimensions available as you connect with your own out-of-body space. With full awareness, we step into cosmic consciousness where the restraints of the physical world fall away from view. In this space, we access the wisdom of the soul to embrace more freedom, permission and neutrality for self-discovery, creation and expansive messages from spirit. Class 1-7 or equivalent training is a prerequisite.

  • Clear the intuitive communication channels
  • Connect with your astral body
  • Identify outside influences that may limit
  • Release energetic constructs of control
  • Explore the astral space for spiritual guidance
  • Discover remote healing as a point of light
  • Create a planetary healing
  • Explore the Akashic records
  • Give and receive Christ-force healings