Energetic Healing Arts

Suzanne Hunt 
Clairvoyant, Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Minister   

Essential oils for your physical, spiritual and emotional growth

Therapeutic Essential Oil Services
Essential oils were used in biblical times to support the body’s physical, emotional and spiritual healing.  Frankincense, myrrh and spikenard are a few named in the Bible.  The use of essential oils for healing became lost over time, with the exception of the perfume industry and use in religious functions.  Therapeutic essential oils were reintroduced in 1910 when a French scientist found that pure Lavender essential oil helped his arms heal very rapidly after a chemical burn accident.  

Since the early 20th century there has been a resurgent interest in incorporating organic essential oils into medical holistic health practices.  Leaders like Dr. Penoel, Len and Shirley Price, Dr. Gary Young, Dr. David Stewart, Dr. Valerie Worwood, Kurt Schnaubelt and chemist Sue Chao have researched the effects therapeutic grade essential oils have on the physical body, as well as one’s mental and emotional perception or experience.   

Therapeutic, organic grade essential oils may be used to support the body’s natural immunity, respiratory system, nutrition and digestion, circulation, nervous and endocrine systems, reproductive or urinary systems and bring clarity to the mind and balance the emotions.  Essential oils are especially beneficial in quieting the mind for meditation and enhancing spiritual awareness.     

Sue is an independent distributor for Young Living Essential Oils, which have been documented as organic and therapeutic grade by Dr. Gary Young.  She also works with other distributors to obtain medical grade essential oils not sold by Young Living.  She has studied essential oil application both internal and external, safety, organic chemistry and blending techniques and become certified as an Aroma-Therapist under Linda Smith’s program, the Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy.     

Selection of essential oils
Sue will meet with you over the phone or in person to discuss questions or the best essential oil application and/and or blend for your specific indications.  Sue may ship essential oils and oil blends directly to you that are available from Young Living.  Alternatively, she may recommend and prepare a special blend for your needs.  Essential oil therapy may be combined with Hands-on Energy work or psychic readings to accelerate the healing process.     

Selection of essential oils
  • Essential oil advice or research with purchase – no charge 
  • Advice or research without purchase – 1 hour $100 or ½ hour $60 
  • Personal blend – 1 hour $100 or ½ hour $60 + cost of the essential oils in the blend